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  • March 2009




    DESIGNER: ice angel

    Brushes: Fractured-Sanity.Org
    Model: Xiao Lan

    Thursday, March 5, 2009

    Notice: This shop has closed ^^ My friend has set up a new shop overseas at, will be as reliable as mine, please check it out, thanks ^^

    FORMAT OF ORDER(shown below is an example for an order of 2 pairs of lenses)

    Account Number/Type:
    Item #1
    Item Name: Geo Angel
    Color: Green
    Degree/Prescription: -4.75/-5.50

    Item #2
    Item Name: Geo Tri

    Degree/Prescription: -4.25/-3.50

    Shipping address(Compulsory for overseas buyers):

    Total amount to transfer: $Cost of one item x quantity + postage and shipping costs.

    Thx alot! :) :)

    - She's Done With Her Words...# ;